Could You Be Suffering From
Postpartum Depression?

Could you be struggling with postpartum depression?  If you are a new mom who is feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, sad, anxious, tearful or downright awful, this mood disorder may be the cause, and it's more common than you might think. You are not alone, you are not going crazy, and yes - there is help!

Explore this site to understand the difference between the "baby blues" and postpartum depression. Know that help is available, and discover the many options available to you - from natural treatments and alternative and complimentary depression cures to more conventional choices. Most importantly, realize that you don't have to continue to suffer!

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Pregnancy brings on a wealth of physical and emotional changes to all woman. Although each day brings more aches, pains, excitement, and anxiety, it also brings an expectant mother closer to finally meeting her baby.

The "Baby Blues"

After the birth of the child, it is common for a new mother to experience what is known as the “baby blues.” In fact, statistics show that about 80% of new moms go through this emotional phase.

Postpartum Mother

The baby blues is a short period ranging for the first few weeks after the baby is born in which the mother experiences uncharacteristic emotional lows, such as tearful outbursts or irritability.

She might also feel that her new situation is more than she can handle and may experience difficulty sleeping. But when does a suspected case of the baby blues turn into something more?

Women with postpartum depression often experience similar symptoms as those with the baby blues, however on a more intense level.

Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression, by definition, is moderate to severe depression that affects a woman any time from the birth of the child up to a year after. In many cases, a postpartum mood disorder is suspected when a new mother’s case of baby blues lasts longer than a month after the birth or if signs of depression crop up after the typical 3-week baby blues period. 

This depression after the birth of your child, also known as postnatal depression, can happen to any new mother, and is not a reflection of your character. According to the Center for Disease Control, between 11% and 20% of pregnancies result in the mother being diagnosed with post partum depression — which is about 950,000 moms every year! This statistic is based off of mothers who self-reported their symptoms.

Also according to the CDC, women under the age of 20 are more likely to experience depression after pregnancy, as are those who experienced high stress levels during pregnancy, are without a partner, suffer from financial worries, those who did not plan the pregnancy, or those who suffered from depression before becoming pregnant.

Sufferers of postpartum depression often experience similar symptoms as those of the baby blues, however on a more intense level. Some of these symptoms include sadness, feeling as though all joy has gone out of life, extreme irritability or being quick to anger, lack of interest in food, no desire for sex, inability to sleep, frequent mood swings, overpowering fatigue, feeling worthless, guilty, or withdrawn, trouble concentrating, or intense anxiety.

If you are a new mom with any of the following symptoms, there may be a strong chance that you are suffering from PPD:

  • Symptoms of the baby blues lasting longer than two to three weeks
  • Depression began after a month following childbirth
  • Performance at work or everyday activities becomes difficult or impossible
  • Thoughts of self harm or of harming the baby arise
  • It becomes too difficult for you to care for yourself or your new baby

Postpartum depression can also cause a mother to feel as though she cannot bond with her baby or she may experience resentment or other negative feelings towards her newborn child. Some women who are suffering find that they have little interest in their child, or on the opposite spectrum, worry too intensely about their baby.

This depression can be so severe that a mother cannot care for herself or her baby properly and may even have thoughts of suicide or of harming her child (although these thoughts are rarely acted upon).

Unfortunately, this mood disorder cannot be diagnosed using a stand-alone test. Most postnatal depression cases are diagnosed using a series of questionnaires and counseling sessions conducted by a medical professional.

Any new mother who feels that she may be suffering from this mood disorder should speak to her doctor about her feelings and experiences.

Postpartum mood disorders are nothing to be ashamed about, and can be managed with the proper guidance.

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Being a new mom can be challenging, especially if you’re fighting PPD. Use a powerful tool - positive affirmations!

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"I just want to say in my capacity as pediatrician, teacher of pediatrics, and medical journalist, how very impressed I am by your website. I think your site is very thoughtful, not at all doctrinaire, and will be very valuable to mothers (and I think fathers, too in a second-hand sort of way) suffering from a variety of postpartum problems, of which the most common and perhaps the most serious is PPD. Anyway, thank you for your site, which I will certainly pass on to mothers in my practice."

Sydney Z. Spiesel, Ph DMD Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Yale University School of Medicine

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Being a new mom can be challenging, especially if you’re fighting PPD. Use a powerful tool - positive affirmations!

Download my FREE ebooklet, “Positive Affirmations For The New Mom".

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