Best Apps For Moms And Dads

Are you looking for the best apps for moms and dads with a newborn baby?  Mobile phone apps can be very helpful to a new parent. Having a new baby has its challenges, especially if a parent is suffering from a postpartum mood disorder. Let technology lend you a hand! 

Help for new parents is more available than ever. I have discovered these helpful mobile phone apps for both the iPhone and Android enabled phones.

These are some of the best apps for moms and dads with a new baby, and can be downloaded to help with daily parenting tasks.

These useful applications can assist when your hands are full, when your mind is full (or foggy), or when you just need some help while caring for baby.

Have YOU found a mobile app you love? Tell us about it!!

If you have discovered a mobile app that you can’t live without, please share! You can help a new parent get more from their day with your recommendations.

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Best Apps for Moms and Dads with an iPhone Mobile Phone

best apps for moms and dads with a newborn

Below are some of the best apps for moms and dads with an iPhone we have found.  Be sure and contribute to this list of best apps for moms and dads with an iPhone if you have found a great mobile phone app that has been helpful to you as a new parent.

Total Baby

cost - $4.99

A comprehensive new mobile phone app to help new parents remember everything baby-related: nursing, bath time, last diaper change, and vaccine history. The Total Baby app performs 13 different functions for the price of one. 

Total Baby link


cost - free

Low-grade fevers, coughs, bumps, and bruises...use this free app from WebMD to get to the bottom of your child's symptoms. Although this won't replace a licensed medical professional, it takes some of the guesswork out of common ailments. 

WebMD link

Birthday Notification

cost - free

Some of us have a hard time keeping track of our loved ones' birthdays, much less that of our boss, workplace acquaintances, and random distant aunts and uncles. Fortunately, the Birthday Notification mobile phone app not only lets you store all of those dates in one convenient place or upload them from Facebook, it also sends you e-mail reminders. The best part? It's free!

Birthday Notifications link

Around Me 

cost - free

There are times in your life where you don't feel comfortable or safe stopping, getting out of your car, and asking for directions, especially with a baby in tow. When you're in an unfamiliar area, or just need a little help, the free AroundMe app can be a real lifesaver. You can use its mapping features to pinpoint your location and share it with friends. It's also one of the best apps for moms and dads as they run errands or get their shopping done. 

Around Me link

Relax Melodies

cost - free

Sometimes we just need to get away from the stress of our everyday lives. Being a new parent is a hard job, so for those of us who can't drop everything and soak in the sun on a sandy beach, there's Relax Melodies. This free mobile phone app offers your choice of eight calming sounds, including rain, crashing ocean waves, or even soothing music. Relax Melodies also lets you control the order and combination of sounds to your personal liking. What’s more, it even offers music box sounds to help sooth a crying baby.

Relax Melodies link


cost - free

Have you ever had a brilliant idea, only to forget it shortly thereafter? Or have you made it through the entire grocery store but somehow managed to forget what you came to buy in the first place? ReQall is a free voice-enabled app that lets you record memos, to-do lists, and grocery lists on your iPhone. Another feature that makes this one of the best apps for moms and dads is that you can also synchronize ReQall with Microsoft Outlook to share your notes with friends or family. ReQall offers both free and paid subscriptions.

ReQall link

White Noise Lite

cost - free

When you have a screaming baby or a cranky toddler, it's hard for parents to keep from screaming and becoming cranky themselves. Sounds like a perfect time for White Noise, the parent-and kid-friendly app that offers a whole library of calming sounds. The free version includes the sounds of rain, the ocean, a crackling fire, and five other soothing sounds. For only 99 cents, you can download the full version, which has an extensive library of 40 additional soothing sounds. A favorite of the best apps for moms and dads.

White Noise Lite link

Baby Monitor & Alarm

cost - $2.99

Baby Alarm will monitor noise in your baby’s room. When a noise is detected, it will notify a phone of your choice so you are informed of what is happening. Mom can also record her voice so that it comes on and soothes her child after it starts crying (you can record anything – the child's favorite song, a song sung by mom... it’s up to you). When the child starts to cry, this recording is played back. Then, if your child goes back to sleep, there will be no alarm and you can enjoy your free time. 

With Baby monitor you can find out what is going on during your child's sleep. Is your baby waking frequently during the night? 

For both the alarm and monitor functionality, an activity log is recorded. Using the activity log you can discover the sleeping patterns of your child and check if everything is well. 

You can personalize everything about Baby Alarm. You can set it up so that it sends an alarm only when your child is crying intensely, or be notified after a certain amount of activity, for example. 

Baby Monitor & Alarm link

Milk Monitor

cost - $2.99

This easy-to-navigate iPhone app is perfect for nursing mothers. You can easily track breast and bottle feeding habits, naps, diaper changes, and medicine dosages in a simple format that even a sleep-deprived new mother can use. 

Milk Monitor link

Baby Goggles

cost - $1.99

Ever wonder what your baby sees when he or she looks at you? The Baby Goggles app for iPhone is like nothing else out there - it uses an algorithm to distort images, allowing you to see the world through the eyes of your little one, from newborn to 6 months. Use your iPhone to take a picture of yourself, input your little one's age, and prepare to be amazed. For $1.99, this app is a fascinating way to bond with your baby and see what he or she sees in the crib, playpen, or car seat. 

Baby Goggles link

Dragon Dictation

cost - free

One of the things new parents often learn the hard way is that babies can be quite a handful, even when they're asleep! You have to be ready for anything, and going hands-free is the best way to be sure that you can handle whatever comes your way. Most new parents don’t have the luxury of just dictating their thoughts to a secretary! Fortunately, there's Dragon Diction. Dragon Diction can be used in the car, at the grocery store, or during feedings. This free mobile phone app converts your voice into text, then allows you to send it through e-mail, text message, Facebook, or Twitter with just one click.

Dragon Dictation link

Childhood Diseases

cost - $4.99

The Childhood Diseases mobile phone app is an excellent resource for anyone who needs easily accessible information about common childhood illnesses. You can search for diseases alphabetically by name, or just through keywords. For $4.99, this app is an invaluable tool for parents, grandparents, nannies or babysitters. Choose from categories including: cough, diarrhea, fevers, skin rashes, runny noses, and parasites.

Childhood Diseases link

Best Apps for Moms and Dads with an Android Mobile Phone

This list is some of the best apps for moms and dads with an Android mobile phone we have found.  Don't forget to contribute to this list of best apps for moms and dads with an Android phone if you have found a great mobile phone app that has been helpful to you as a new parent.

Baby Care

cost - free

Everything baby - the free Baby Care app lets parents and caregivers keep track of feedings, diaper changes, growth rate, and more by sending reminders. This free mobile phone app even supports multiple reminders for the multi-tasking parent. Mom or dad can also record milestones and memories, pictures, and recordings to share with friends and family. 

Baby Care link

Color Flashlight

cost - free

Save yourself the difficulty of groping around in the dark with the free Color Flashlight mobile phone app. This app allows you to use your phone as a flashlight, making it easier to find your way around in the dark, search for your car keys, or even send help signals. Color Flashlight also has a strobe light option for extra fun.

Color Flashlight link

Voice Actions

cost - free

Arms full? Use the free Voice Actions mobile phone app to turn your phone into a voice-activated personal secretary. Use your Android phone to send text messages and e-mail, or to set reminders and alarms. Using voice commands, the Voice Actions app allows you to call your friends without stopping whatever you're doing at the time. You can also search (by voice) for poetry, songs, news headlines, videos, and more. 

Voice Actions link

Grocery IQ

cost - free

Can't find a pen and paper? Save yourself the trouble by downloading the free Grocery IQ app. This mobile phone app lets you put together grocery lists by speaking the product into the phone, and then using your phone to scan the barcode. 

Grocery IQ link

Time Flies

cost - free

The free Time Flies mobile phone app is a convenient way to track events. How old is Fido? When was your last haircut? Hmm...when did we get married? Save yourself the guesswork, and try this app today. 

Time Flies link

Breast Feeding Tabulator

cost - free

With this free mobile phone app, you can easily see when you last fed, how long and on what side. You can know at a glance when you last fed your baby. It works great when you're out of the house and on the go. Keep track of your baby's breast or bottle feeding times with notes such as medications.

Breast Feeding Tabulator link

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