bf with PPd and thrush

by Corrie
(South Fl, USA)

Basically it SUCKS especially with recovering from a c-section delivery. But I'm really not here to throw a fit, maybe my experience will be helpful for someone going through some similar story.

With the thrush, I realized that sugar feeds the yeast, so quickly eliminated all forms of it. Including: bread, fruit, honey, agave, anything processed, in the beginning I didn't know what to eat so I sort of binged a lot on broccoli and squash and lettuce. NOT really all that satisfying considering all the breastfeeding I was doing and needing extra rest to heal from the c-section. I learned about an anti-candida diet called The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates. I highly recommend it for anybody with ANY immune system illness, yeast infections, chronic fatigue, cancer, etc etc.

Learning about food combining helped me reduce the thrush symptoms and helped me gain energy. Slowly, slowly slowly. I've been on the diet pretty strictly for 4-5 months, and I'm now feeling much better as far as energy and no yeast/pain during breastfeeding. Baby is 7 and a half months and I'm beng very careful with HER food combining. I hope you find some info online or check out the book. Some basic principles I try to eat by:

-try to drink a lot of water in the morning, first thing

-eat fruit on an empty stomach preferably in the morning. allow 30 min for digestion before eating anything else. and if dealing with yeast, sour fruits are better: lemons, limes, cranberry, pomegranate, kiwi, grapefruit, green grapes. avoid sugar.

-eating raw fermented veggies are great for helping digest other foods, help control sweet cravings and are probiotic!

-its best to drink water BETWEEN meals, not during. Although tea and warm soup is ideal during meals to aid digestion.

-food combining principles: starch and proteins do not mix. Proteins are best when eaten with a majority of vegetables on your plate. ex: 20% fish, chicken, beef etc and 80% of your meal non starchy veggies, raw/steamed/casserole, however.
Same goes with starchy veggies or grains like rice, quinoa, millet, etc etc. 20% starch, 80% non starchy veggies

-kefir is a probiotic and i give it to my baby, she loves it!

There is a lot of other good info in the book including recipes, shopping lists, other healing foods and a whole section on cleansing (not as much fun but definetly helpful I've found)
Hope any of these tips help.

As I said after 5-6 months being mostly on the diet, I'm eating a lot more variety now but with a really good foundation of healthy eating. I'm really blessed to have gone through the experience, as miserable as thrush has been.

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Being a new mom can be challenging, especially if you’re fighting PPD. Use a powerful tool - positive affirmations!

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