Postpartum Depression And Psychotherapy

How Psychotherapy Can Help With Postpartum Depression

How does postpartum depression and psychotherapy relate? Psychotherapy can help alleviate postpartum mood disorders effectively, especially if part of an overall healing treatment plan.

Talking with a therapist is a simple yet powerful way to treat many different types of depression. With a postpartum mood disorder, the therapist can guide a new mother through several different types of therapeutic approaches, such as cognitive behavioral therapy and interpersonal therapy.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

is a form of “talk therapy” that centers around the correction of a person’s behavior and actions by focusing on unwanted thoughts or emotions, and then learning how to effectively block or control the occurrence of these negative thoughts or actions. 

The idea behind this type of therapy is that a person’s reactions are not governed by the situation or other people, but rather by the person’s own thoughts. By learning to control and regulate their own thoughts, they should theoretically be able to gain control over their behavior and actions, regardless of whether their situation or surroundings have changed. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be an effective way to help control a new mother’s anxiety or recurring negative thoughts such as self harm or harming the baby. 

Interpersonal Therapy 

Interpersonal Therapy is another type of “talk therapy” that targets role transition. In this therapy approach, the doctor helps the patient identify which area of their life is causing them the most difficulty, and then they develop a plan of action geared towards improving that area. 

This particular type of therapy is especially helpful with postpartum depression because mothers may not know how to cope with the new changes that come with a baby. This type of therapy can help new mothers deal with the transition into parenthood, while still enabling them to hold onto their own personality and values.

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