The Effects Of Depression

Dealing With Depression After Baby

The effects of depression after a baby is born can be a tricky disorder to diagnose. Many women who suffer from postpartum depression fail to seek treatment in the early stages of their depression and some fail to seek treatment at all. 

A new mom might tell herself that she is just having trouble adjusting to life with the new baby or she might simply be embarrassed and unsure about speaking to a medical professional about her feelings. 

For whatever reason, postpartum depression can easily be overlooked or covered up with little care that it is a serious condition that can have lasting effects in many areas of a family’s life. The effects of depression on a new mom can seriously harm different aspects of her life.

Effects On The Marriage/Relationship

The effects of depression can wreak havoc in a new mother’s world. She may lose interest in doing the things she once enjoyed. She may no longer take pride in her appearance or attempt to wear makeup or clean or style her hair. She is likely to feel less desirable due to the physical changes in her body, which could also result in a loss of her sex drive or wanting to be intimate with her partner.

All of these issues are just a few examples of how postpartum depression can change a woman’s self confidence and happiness - both of which are traits that her husband or significant other are likely to pick notice. Postpartum depression can seem to change the woman it affects, causing her to be unsociable, unhappy, uncaring, and simply not herself. 

This can be very stressful to her partner because he may feel powerless when it comes to making things better. He may also feel that his partner is gone for good if she is taking no action to overcome her condition. It can be exceedingly stressful to live with someone who is struggling with depression, and this stress may in turn lead to frequent arguments and even separation or divorce. Good relationships and depression can co-exist if some vital steps are taken, however.

Effects On The Baby

Although postpartum depression is a condition that directly affects the mother, it can also have an effect on the growth and development of the baby. The natural bond between mother and baby serves as a foundation for healthy personality and relationship development. When the mother suffers from postpartum depression, she may not interact with the child as often as he needs it, which can result in developmental delays. The child may even be prone to adverse behavior in later years because he was not given the right kind or amount of attention as an infant. 

Early bonding with mom is crucial to a newborn's sense of security

If not treated, the effects of postpartum depression on the baby can be long-term. The bond between the mother and her child can continue to suffer for years after the postpartum depression disorder has been overcome. In some cases, counseling is required to help patch together the bond that should have been soundly formed during the early stages of the baby’s life.

Effects On The Mother

sad mom

Because the mother is directly suffering from the symptoms, she is likely to suffer the brunt of the negative effects of depression. She may see a drastic decrease in her self confidence, suffer from guilt, believe herself to be an incompetent mother, or she may feel undesirable to her partner. She might feel as though she is losing her personal identity in exchange for the “mother” label or may become extremely anxious and exhibit the symptoms of an anxiety disorder. She is likely to become unsociable, which could cause her relationships with friends and family members to slip, with possibly a long-term consequence. If her confidence is seriously affected then her performance at work may even suffer. 

The effects that a mother will endure during postpartum depression can last for a very long time. In fact, it can take years to overcome the effects of postpartum depression if not treated. Since there are many depression treatment options available to a new mother, it is vital to look into healing post natal depression as soon as possible.

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