Self Hypnosis Instructions

By following these simple hypnosis instructions, you can use self-hypnosis to re-program your mind to create positive and lasting change quickly. Whether you're feeling down, wanting to get yourself motivated, lose an unwanted habit or gain a new habit, you can learn this powerful method for self improvement.

Getting yourself into an effective and productive state is easy with clear hypnosis instructions to guide you.

Although most people find guided hypnosis easier, you may not always have a hypnotherapist to guide you, or self hypnosis cd's or downloads to listen to.

When that is the case, if you know how to do self hypnosis on your own, you can use this powerful technique any time you want with great flexibility. That is one of the most important benefits to learning how to do hypnosis on your own. The other is the privacy you have. No one has to know you are hypnotizing yourself. It can be your secret to self improvement.

Below are self hypnosis instructions in six steps. It's quick to learn, and the more you practice self hypnosis, the easier it becomes to get yourself into the state.

At the bottom of this page I have also included a free PDF of self hypnosis instructions, so you can download the self hypnosis guide and print it out.

Six Easy Steps To Self-Hypnosis

Step 1: Prepare.

Be sure that you will have an uninterrupted block of time of about 15 to 20 minutes. You may want to set an alarm, so that you are not concerned about falling asleep. A gentle alarm is best, so that you may emerge from your hypnotic state gradually. Be sure to use the restroom and have a blanket nearby to ensure your comfort. 

Step 2: Make yourself comfortable. 

Find a chair where you can relax comfortably. A recliner is good, but don’t recline too much. Staying in a somewhat upright position will usually allow you to relax deeply without falling asleep. 

Step 3: Relax. 

Take in a long, slow, deep breath. When you exhale, imagine and feel all of your muscles relaxing. Imagine your arms hanging by your sides. Imagine yourself to be a ragdoll, very loose and limp. You can roll your head around on your neck and roll your shoulders to release any tension in those areas. Then take in two more long, slow, deep breaths. Each time you exhale, feel your body become more and more relaxed. 

Step 4: Deepening your relaxation. 

After breathing deeply and relaxing your body, imagine yourself standing at the top of a flight of ten stairs. You get to create these stairs any way you want. Envision them as sloping or as steep as you like and however they make you feel most comfortable. Imagine that you are standing at the top of the stairs and as you step down the stairs, you count backwards from ten to one. With each count, you will feel yourself sinking deeper and deeper into relaxation. (If at first you don’t feel the sinking sensation, just pretend you do. In time you will feel it.) 

As you count down, you can say phrases in your mind such as, “I am feeling more and more relaxed, I am sinking deeper and deeper into relaxation”, or just the words, “deeper and deeper”, or “deeply relaxed”. Another phrase you could use might be, “sinking, sinking, and sinking.” For example, you could think, “ten…I am feeling more and more relaxed….9….deeper and deeper down….8….I am sinking deeper and deeper into relaxation.”

Step 5: In your perfect place.

On the count of one, you will be very deeply relaxed. Now, create a special place in your mind and imagine yourself there. This place should be a special, relaxing, and safe place. This can be on a beach, in a cabin, in a room from your childhood, or it can be a place that you make up in your mind. This is your place to re-program your mind. Now that you are deeply relaxed and in your special place, imagine finding a nice soft comfortable chair, hammock, cloud, or boat to relax in. It can be whatever works for you. 

Step 6: Re-program.

Now is the time to repeat your positive affirmations, or positive suggestions, and to visualize your goal accomplished. You can now re-program your mind with words, images, and emotions. Re-play them for the duration of your time in trance. Allow yourself to feel the positive emotions associated with accomplishing your goal, and feel those emotions as vividly as you can. 

When your alarm sounds or when you feel complete, breathe deeply, and slowly count up from one to five, feeling more awake and alert with each number you count in your mind. Wiggle your fingers and toes, and stretch. Allow yourself to become aware of your physical surroundings and then open your eyes. Notice how peaceful, calm, and refreshed you feel.

Congratulations! You have successfully learned how to do self hypnosis.

To download your FREE Hypnosis Instructions, just click on the link below.

"How To Do Self Hypnosis" Free Hypnosis Instructions


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Being a new mom can be challenging, especially if you’re fighting PPD. Use a powerful tool - positive affirmations!

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Being a new mom can be challenging, especially if you’re fighting PPD. Use a powerful tool - positive affirmations!

Download my FREE ebooklet, “Positive Affirmations For The New Mom".

Positive Affirmations Ebooklet
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