Postpartum Depression Hypnosis Treatment

Postpartum Depression Hypnosis Treatment - A Safe Alternative

When dealing with postpartum depression, many women opt to try a safe, natural or holistic approach before resorting to expensive hormone or mood-altering drugs that can have undesirable side effects. One of the postpartum depression treatment options a mother might consider is hypnosis. Postpartum depression hypnosis treatments are safe, with none of those unwanted side effects. 

What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a therapeutic technique, also known as hypnotherapy. Contrary to the way that cheesy movies may suggest, hypnosis is not a spell-like trance that forces the volunteer to perform actions that may be bizarre or immoral. Hypnosis is not a sleep-like state induced by force - it is a super-attentive state in which the person is more receptive to suggested thoughts and visions. During the state of hypnosis, a person is fully intent on whatever they are thinking about or imagining, so much so that they can cancel out the surrounding environment. Everyday forms of hypnosis include driving, reading, and even watching movies. 

A clinical hypnotist or hypnotherapist is a guide to assist a person in entering a hypnotic state. This is called guided hypnosis.

Self hypnosis recordings (hypnosis downloads and cd's) are also a great option for guided hypnosis.  Hypnosis without the use of a hypnotherapist or hypnosis cds or downloads can easily be mastered with practice, as well. To learn on your own, go to the How To Do Self Hypnosis page. 

The Safety Of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is extremely safe. No one can be forced to do or say things that they are morally opposed to, nor can they be forced into hypnosis. While postpartum depression can be treated using medication, the chemical treatment path can also bring along many undesirable side effects. Because hypnosis is strictly holistic, it has no adverse side effects and is quite enjoyable. 

How Does Hypnosis Work To Treat Postpartum Depression?

The ultimate goal of hypnosis for postpartum depression treatment is to teach a woman’s subconscious to perform healthier coping mechanisms.

hypnosis for depression is effective

Through hypnosis, a woman suffering from postpartum depression can easily look inside herself to find  happy memories and to anchor the feelings associated with those memories. She can secure positive emotions to release the depression, such as happiness, joy, and confidence and call upon these emotions when things get tough. 

Hypnosis can not only help a mother to regain her happiness and self-confidence, but can also have a profound impact on the mother-child bond. As the baby will begin to pick up on the mother’s new-found happiness and openness, this in turn can make the child feel more receptive to the mother’s attempts at bonding. 

Hypnosis is also useful to help with insomnia, weight loss, motivation to exercise, and releasing fears, anxiety or stress. 

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Sydney Z. Spiesel, Ph DMD Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Yale University School of Medicine

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Being a new mom can be challenging, especially if you’re fighting PPD. Use a powerful tool - positive affirmations!

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Being a new mom can be challenging, especially if you’re fighting PPD. Use a powerful tool - positive affirmations!

Download my FREE ebooklet, “Positive Affirmations For The New Mom".

Positive Affirmations Ebooklet
Claim your Ebooklet NOW