New Mom Stress Management

As a busy new mother, new mom stress management is important. With a new baby, too little sleep and too much crammed into your day, you may find yourself in what feels like a no-win situation when it comes to managing stress. With days packed with so much to do, how could you possibly take the time to de-stress?

That busy schedule helps to produce the stress that creates the need for you to slow down and decompress in the first place, but if you take too much time to decompress, you may end up more stressed because you took the time to supposedly relax. What a stressful cycle this can cause!

Fortunately, it is possible to break this cycle. There are new mom stress management techniques that you can use. As a busy mom with the demands of an infant, you can learn to take little moments throughout the day to unwind, which will allow you to de-stress without adversely affecting your hectic schedule.

Below are some useful new mom stress management tips to help you avoid or relieve stress.

Deep Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing is one of the best new mom stress management techniques to lower stress in your body, and it takes no time at all. When you breathe deeply, it sends a message to your brain to calm down and get into a relaxed state. The brain then relays this message to your body. How your body responds when you are stressed, such as increased heart rate, quickened breathing, and high blood pressure, all decrease as you breathe deeply.

Breathe in deeply through your nose, hold it for a moment, and then exhale slowly through your mouth. Repeat about 5 times. You will feel stress begin to diminish.

Walk For Stress Relie

Take A Brisk Walk
Take a brisk walk around the block. If you don’t have help with the baby, load your baby into the stroller and get outside and moving. A brisk walk will get your blood flowing and your lungs breathing better. Studies show regular physical activity can help with stress as well as alleviate depression and anxiety.

Journaling is a wonderful outlet that can allow you to express pent-up stress or emotions you’re feeling. You can also make a list of the things you are grateful for. When you focus on the positive, it is easier to leave the stress behind.

Do Self-Hypnosis or Listen To A Guided Hypnosis Recording
With a mere 20 minutes each day, you can improve your state of mind, make improvements in your life, and de-stress at the same time.

Hypnosis can not only clear your mind, it can lower your heart rate and relax tensed muscles, a great benefit when you are feeling stressed out.

You can choose various areas and issues to focus on, and hypnosis can help you achieve what you want to accomplish or improve, while changing your stressed state into one of relaxation and calm. You can be guided by a hypnosis recording or do self-hypnosis.

Eat Healthy, Balanced Meals
Certain foods promote calmness and other foods increase stress levels. If you eat junk food, this can cause rapid swings in your blood sugar and increase your anxiety level. A healthy balanced diet, rich in essential nutrients, will keep your digestion and health on track, and keeping your blood sugar stabilized is one way to help prevent stress.

Make Mealtimes Calm And Relaxed
Eating too fast or skipping meals are bad for the body and can increase feelings of stress. Use mealtime to relax. If possible, don’t multi-task during meals or eat on the run. Take time to eat slowly and enjoy your meal in a calm and relaxed manner. You will do your digestive track a favor and feel more calm and balanced.

Immerse Yourself In A Scent That You Love
Aromatherapy, which is the practice of using essential oils to improve your mood and physical well-being, can reduce your stress and help relax you. There are various methods of using essential oils, and different scents for different ailments.

One great way to promote relaxation and relieve stress is adding a relaxing essential oil to a warm bath. Lavender, orange blossom and chamomile oils are a few of the scents known to promote relaxation.

Learn about MellowMama Aromatic Bath Oil - Any easy way to tone and soften skin while encouraging relaxation of body and mind.

Note: Pregnant and breast-feeding women should avoid the use of essential oils.

Listen to A Sleep Hypnosis Recording
And finally, a night time new mom stress management technique. End the day with a relaxing and life improving night time hypnosis recording.

While hypnosis is not “sleep” and a trance state is not a sleep state, it is very relaxing and enjoyable and easy to drift from trance into sleep.

Most hypnosis recordings will guide you back to a normal awakened state, but night time hypnosis recordings allow you to drift into sleep following the recording, with the suggestion given for a deep, comfortable slumber. It’s wonderful to end your day and drift off to sleep feeling peaceful and calm.

Do you have a new mom stress management tip to share? We would love to hear. Please contribute here!

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