not just social pressure

by RoseWhiteDusk

This article assumes that the main--or only--reasons for choosing breastfeeding over formula, even when stressed by it, are social. How about concern for the baby's health, and one's own breast health?

The ingredients in formula are unnatural to a baby's undeveloped gut and contribute to leaky gut syndrome and allergies/intolerances, as well as painful gas (formula advertised as helping with this may or may not help in the slightest).

Even an occasional formula feeding can tear up a baby's gut with all that foreign material and weaken the immune system. Batches of formula are recalled often enough to scare a mom, especially since we generally hear about the recall well after the formula has already been used.

And formula *costs*. Breastmilk is free, and contains living white blood cells, antibodies, and an array of essential probiotics, as well as the *proper* fats and proteins and carbs a baby needs; it builds the baby's immune system, and helps them get over illnesses when they do catch them. The mother's body even senses which amino acids the baby is low on, and adjusts the milk to contain more of those specific ones. Add to that the fact that breastfeeding is associated with a lower risk of breast cancer...Me? I would *love* to hand the occasional feeding over to someone else. But after doing my research, I made the logic-based, painful choice to exclusively breastfeed (after initially doing both nursing and formula for the first couple months before that research), even though at times I literally wanted to puke and burst into tears at what felt almost like reaching into fire as I forced myself to take that hungry baby and nurse; the repellant quality was that strong, in the worst of my PPD.

I wasn't going to sacrifice one iota of his health, present and future, that I could so easily impact. Whether that concern for physical health will cause some emotional/bonding issues in exchange, I don't know.

I'm not trying to say anything one way or another about anyone who chooses a different route, nor am I seeking pats on the back, but don't imagine that it's only social fear or a lack of confidence that causes women to breastfeed despite being practically driven nuts by it in PPD.

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Jan 14, 2014
didn't intend this as a separate article
by: RoseWhiteDusk

Actually, this was intended as commentary on the article about PPD and breastfeeding at
The fields I filled in at the bottom of that article looked like a comment form.

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