Tips For New Moms
With Problems
Sleeping Through The Night

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Your new baby is gorgeous, but you are sleep deprived. Having a problem sleeping well or through the night affects many new moms.

A good night’s sleep can be one of the greatest challenges a new mom can face, and deprivation of sleep may lead to postpartum depression for an already stressed new mom.

Studies have shown that sleep deprivation can lead to mood problems like irritability, depression and anxiety. An inability to concentrate is also a sign of lack of sleep. 

There are some things you can do to help if you are a new mom with a problem sleeping through the night.

Getting A Stretch Of Sleep

Getting a full eight hours of sleep in a row with a brand new baby is unrealistic. Newborns typically wake up every two to four hours per night to feed. Although getting a full night’s sleep may be a distant dream, if you can get one full four hour stretch during the night, plus a few smaller stretches each day, you will feel better and be able to function pretty well. 

  • If possible, arrange with your partner to take turns getting up with the baby so that each of you gets a four hour stretch each night.
  • If you can keep your baby close by at night by placing the crib in your room, you can more quickly feed your infant and drift back to sleep.

The Restful Sleep recordings can help you get the deep, restful sleep you need.

A Routine For Baby

Newborns typically fall asleep 6 or 7 times during a 24 hour period, sleeping an average of sixteen to eighteen hours in total. Babies do not distinguish between day and night, but you can help your baby get into a routine, differentiating between daytime sleep and nighttime sleep. 

  • When your baby naps during the day, allow the room to be bathed in natural sunlight or turn on a lamp. Go about your daytime routine without being too quiet, allowing normal daytime noises from a distance.
  • When your infant sleeps at night, keep the room dark and quiet. A nightly bath and a change into pajamas may also help your baby get into a night time sleep pattern routine. When the baby wakes at night for feeding, be quiet and calm, and keep the lights dimmed.

Always remember that it will not always be like this, and one day you will be able to easily and peacefully sleep through the night again! 

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