Yoga For Depression Relief

Helping Your Body And Your Mind

Why Yoga For Depression Relief?

Every woman is slightly different as to how postpartum effects her, but all can agree on one thing - they want to get back to life and back to their new baby.

Many women turn to prescription medications when they’re diagnosed with postpartum depression. While modern medicine is always an effective option, why not leave it as a last resort? More natural, holistic approaches can be practices that will treat your mind and body with care without the addition of mood-altering medicines.

History of Yoga

Yoga is one of the oldest, most practiced traditions in the world. First began in ancient India, yoga has spread throughout the western world and has become a mainstream remedy for postpartum depression.

Benefits Of Yoga for Depression Sufferers

The most important benefit of yoga for depression relief postpartum is the effect it has on your mind. As you feel your body ease through each movement and you feel your breath slowly inhale and exhale, your mind begins to relax in a way it hasn’t since your baby was born. 

Studies show that breathing, along with a steady repetition of sounds, such as chants or mantras, help to balance out your hormones, another reason why this form of exercise is a great choice for women with a postpartum mood disorder. 

yoga for depression

Once your body has gone through the whirlwind of pregnancy and delivery, your hormones take on a mind of their own and leave you feeling out of control and overwhelmed. Yoga teaches you to focus on your breathing to help you regain that feeling of control and find your center and your balance. 

As if finding your inner balance weren’t enough, yoga makes over your body as well. As your body begins to learn each pose, a transformation takes place. You become more flexible and you will begin to notice a sleek tone to your muscles that you hadn’t seen since before you were pregnant. This will allow you to feel more confidence in your body again and give you that feeling that you’re taking back control of yourself.

Yoga for Beginners

While at-home yoga DVDs and online tutorials are great guides for yoga practice, I recommend you first learn through an instructor. He or she will direct you through each pose in order to learn each position the correct way so you don’t run the risk of doing any damage to your body. Your instructor may also recommend some at-home meditations to try when you’re not in class and are feeling particularly overwhelmed.

Don’t Forget  Your Doc’s Approval

Finally, it is important to remember that you should get your doctor’s approval before beginning an exercise program. Having your doctor’s approval and support on the sidelines of your yoga practices will give you the encouragement you need to get back to what’s most important - you and your family. 

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